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"Russian Art Week International": 20-26 March 2017. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!!

en  Russian Art Week International:

March 20-16, 2017

zh “俄罗斯艺术周” 国际现代艺术展览/大赛


zastavki theme

The theme of exhibition this year responds to complicated events and the situation in modern world. The organizers hope that presented works will be far from politics and wars. Art could be the factor, which unites and incarnates cultural wealth and high moral standards. These characteristics could be a strong base for return to the peaceful path and unity for Russia, Europe and Asia. 


NextArt Foundation invites emerging and established artists to participate in the International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts "Euro-Asian Art Week" for the 2017 spring season.


 zastavki where   Long-awaited and unique event in Art World
XXII International Fair & Competition of Contemporary Arts "Russian ART WEEK International" (RAWI) will be held in Moscow from 20 to 26 March 2017 at the popular art space -  Moscow House of Artists (Moscow, Kuznetsky Most str., 11).
Euro-Asian Art Week unites many talented artists as from Europe, China and Russia and CIS. Euro-Asian Art Week - great variety of artworks more than from 20 countries all over the world. It is an intensive workshops programme. It is a professional evaluation by many specialists from Russia and other foreign countries. It is a unique creative atmosphere and joyful meeting with arts.   

zastavki when
Dates: 20-26 March, 2017
Address: Moscow House of Artists

(Moscow, Kuznetsky Most str., 11)

The exhibition is open daily from 11.00 to 20.00.


zastavki contests  
The competition program includes:
 zastavki inabsentia  
There are two ways of participation:
IN ABSENTIA (online) and IN PERSON (internal way).
   zastavki howtoenter
 zastavki artfair  

EAAW Art Fair provides a unique opportunity of collaboration for artists, craftsmen, art galleries and producers. It is a platform for sharing opinions, finding new art decisions, communicating your own point of view. Art Fair successfully represents not only esteemed artists but rising talents as well. There are artists from all over the world, from Russia, Europe and Asia. Over 2,000 art works of 1200 artists from 20 countries will be represented in the galery. This diversity allows us to combine traditional and modern styles, to create an unforgettable atmosphere of creativity and vision of art.

Programme include:

    1. Painting
    2. Graphics
    3. Sculpture
    4. Design
    5. Mixed Media (2D, 3D)
    6. Video-art and digital art
    7. Photography
    8. Textile and prints
    9. Arts and crafts
    10. Equipment and materials for creation
Participation in ArtFair for:

a) Individual authors
b) creative groups;

c) organizations-galleries and studios;
d) commercial firms and manufacturers and distributors for artists, sculptors, designers, restorers and photographers;
 zastavki workshops  

Workshops and lectures

EAAW traditionally includes educational programs - master classes, lectures and creative meetings, where famous artists and craftmen share their experience and knowledge. Famous painters, sculptors, photographers from Europe, Russia and China perfom for participants and visitors of the EAAW.
Every November during the EAAW Moscow becomes the most important destination for artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators from all over the world.

Application for workshop
Application for participation in workshop

  • Workshops' schedule


zastavki jury

Jury / Expert Council

Special and unique feature of Euro-Asian Art Week - Expert Council participation (the jury) which consist of many professional foreign and russian representatives of the World of Art.

Among them are well-known artists, designers, craftsmen and photographers from European Union, Russia and Asia.

To evaluate the entries in each of the competitions an independent Expert Council (the jury) is formes.  Heads of similar section of the Artists Union of Russia (TSHR) are leading the Expert Council (the jury)

The Expert Council consists of the following professional groups: a) members of unions and associations; b) representatives of specialized media; c) representatives of galleries and institutions; g) and art patrons.

Go to "More on the members of the Expert Council / Jury"


zastavki contestsnts
Professional categories

1) "Student" category: university, high school, college students and graduates (no longer than 2 years ago)
2) "Professional" category: practitioners in art, professors, organizations, graduates (more than 2 years ago)
3) "Amateur" category: people, whose hobby is art, but who do not have a special art education.
These categories are exposed and appraised seperately.