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Born in 1977 in İstanbul, Turkey. Received her Bachelor degree in 1999 and Master degree in 2001 from the Graphic Design Department at Dokuz EylülUniversity. Her master thesis was on “shadow playing and cut-out animations” and she participated in several film festivals with her master thesis animation “C’mon Over…”. She completed her Ph.D. in Art on Scientific Illustration and Children’s Books at Hacettepe University in 2011. She worked as an illustratorfor more than twenty years. She also worked at Başkent University as a lecturer and in Hacettepe University as a research assistant. She has been working at CIU FFADA since 2011 where she is the chair of the Graphic Design Department. Her works selected for many national and international exhibitions, also she opened two solo exhibitions in Turkey. She is interested in illustration and interdisciplinary design collaborations.

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