International Exhibition & Competition of Modern and Contemporary Arts

Exhibition dates: April 9-14, 2024

Registration deadline: March 31, 2024

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Exhibition dates:

April 9-14, 2024

Registration deadline: March 31, 2024

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Exhibition dates:

October 15-20, 2024

Registration deadline: October 9, 2024

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Exhibition dates:

October 15-20, 2024

Registration deadline: October 9, 2024

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Congress Hall "Amber-Plaza", Moscow
October 15-20, 2024,
registration deadline: until October 8, 2024
Methods of participation: Personal participation (offline) and Art print (online)

Competition program

Competitions in painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, arts and crafts and textiles. Authors from over 20 countries

Workshops & Master-Classes

Rich program of workshops and lectures on creative and economic issues. Listeners will be interested to learn about specific techniques, materials and approaches used in the world practice of creating art objects, about the structure and features of the functioning of Russian and foreign art markets, about support programs for talented authors.

Exhibition & Art Fair program

Art Fair program for galleries and authors, styles: traditional, modern & contemporary

Curators Forum

The event with the participation of leading institutional and independent curators, gallery owners, art managers will trigger the strengthening and development of cultural ties between Russian artists and cultural specialists with colleagues from other countries and regions.


International scientific and practical conference " Contemporary art and innovations in education"

Graduate Design & Art Week

Special program for higher and secondary specialized educational institutions

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The International Exhibition and Competition of Modern & Contemporary Art "Russian Art Week" (RAW) is a unique event in the art industry, it offers great opportunities for artists and craftsmen, as well as for art galleries and creative associations.

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Russian Art Week has been held since 2007 

Twice a year, at the best exhibition venues in Moscow




Jury members

Expert Council & Jury

The Expert Council and the jury include leading artists, masters, representatives of public art unions and galleries from more than 20 countries of the world!

Christian Guellerin

Professor & President of Cumulus Association

Leonid Feodor

Professor & President of Eurasian Art Union

Beneito Maria Elena

President of Argentina Biennale

Rygor Sitnitsa

Professor & President of Belarus Art Union

Robert Hettich

President of the German Artists Union in Saxony

The opinion of professionals

These thoughts are worth considering.

Sergey Sidorenko
Sergey Sidorenko
academic of the Russian Academy of Arts

“Today Russian art is underestimated in the world. And so the International exhibition of contemporary art "Russian art Week" has a chance to reveal the incredible potential of the Russian artist.”

Leonid Feodor
Leonid Feodor
President of the Russian branch of the Eurasian Art Union

“The cultural code of the Russian artist is a constant desire to comprehend two different trends - Eastern and Western. And the more unique and deeper works are obtained. We are a kind of bridge between Europe and Asia”

Grigory Ginzburg
Grigory Ginzburg
Academician of the European Academy of natural Sciences

“We live in an amazing time when Russian art through opposition is experiencing its Renaissance again and returns to the world art community in all its glory.”

Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin
World-famous fashion designer

“Wonderful Russian art! I am glad that Russia is so careful with his art”

Fedor Filkov
Fedor Filkov
President of the World Fund of Arts

“The organizers set themselves the task of creating a constantly working business platform that allows artists to obtain relevant information, useful content and commercial implementation. We invited the gallery, artists and representatives of art business from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America to the exhibition and art forum to make their contribution to the development of modern Russian art. The diversity of art in the center of Moscow will become a kind of "bridge of culture" between Russia and foreign countries.”

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