How to Participate in the Contest Program

Additional information: "General regulations", "Nominations", "Competition Entry Fee"

XXXVI Exhibition & Contest of Modern and Contemporary art "Russian Art Week" (season "2024-spring")

Application deadline: April 2, 2024

Exhibition dates: April 9-14, 2024 (11.00-20.00)
Opening ceremony: April 9, 2024, 18:00
Announcement of the winners: April 14, 2024, 16:00.

Address: Congress and Exhibition Center "AMBER-PLAZA" (Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya st., 36)


Forms of Participation

There are three forms of participation:
1) Personal partiсipation: you visit Moscow and bring artwork in person.
2) Artwork partiсipation: you ship artwork, we exhibit
3) Art print participation: you send file, we print and exhibit

The forms of participation have equal rights. All works are exhibited in the famous expo complex - Amber Plaza Congress Hall (36 Krasnoproletarskaya str., Moscow) and judged by the jury.

How to participate:

There are available two methods of registration on the International Exhibition & Competition "Russian Art Week:

I. First option - send your data and jpg. pictures by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

registration english
a) Application form (download Word, PDF)
b) Labels (download Word, PDF);
c) Photo of the author (with a minimum of 3x4 cm.)
d) Images of the works (at least 200 dpi, no more than 20 MB);
e) a copy or screenshot of the registration fee payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Yandex and PayPal.

You may find information about the cost of participation in the section:
a) "Participation fee / organizational fee"
b) "How to pay an organizational fee"

II. Second option - to fill out the Application Form on the website - "Application Form"

After the author has sent registration data to the Organizing Committee, he receives a notification letter with his assigned "Participant's number" from the administrator.

The number of art objects
Author (or a group of co-authors) can participate with any amount of work. In addition, each artwork will be assessed as an independent item.

Can I Ship My Work and Not Attend?

Yes, you can ship and not attend. There are various options for hiring a technician on the application form too, but you can get a friend to hang for you to save money.

This is the general process:

You would ship your work to our storage to arrive at the set date. If you have used an agent, because you are shipping from outside of the Russian Federation, you would ship it to them and they would forward the delivery onto to our storage after checking through Russian customs
Our technicians would transport it within Moscow to the venue, check it and hang it according to your hanging plan.
Promo staff would process any sales on your behalf. It would be transferred to you.
After the show any work not sold, the technicians would repack and transport back to our storage space.
You would receive an email from our shipping department that there is work to pick up.
You would arrange your shipper to pick up again (or, depending on your shipper, we could do the paperwork this side for free).

Shipping of Accepted Entries

Artists must provide for incoming shipping and insurance to the Moscow House of Artists. Artists who reside outside of the Russia, as well as artists whose packaged work exceeds standard FedEx or UPS length and girth measurements, requiring the use of freight shipping, will be responsible for BOTH incoming AND return shipping costs and scheduling arrangements, as well as providing transit insurance if so desired. A prepaid return shipping label must be provided by the artist in the above instances, along with any return shipping commercial invoices and customs documents needed. In addition to being responsible for incoming and return shipping and transit insurance, artists who reside outside the Russia will also be responsible for any expenses related to customs clearance, including duties and taxes and/or the hiring of a customs broker if necessary. In most cases, except those as outlined above, the Organizer will provide insured, return shipping via common carrier (UPS or Fed Ex will be used in most instances). Artists who wish to have their works returned through a fine arts shipping company or artists whose works need to ship via a freight company, will have to do so at their own expense (both incoming and return). Works will be returned packed in the same materials and manner in which they were received, therefore crates, boxes and other shipping containers must be strong enough for the return trip. Artists who choose to hand-deliver their work to the Moscow House of Artists must also pick up their work. The Moscow House of Artists will not reimburse travel. Delivery and pick up hours are Monday-Friday, 8-4. We are NOT able to accommodate weekend deliveries.