Press release of Russian Art Week

XXXVI Exhibition & Contest of Modern and Contemporary art "Russian Art Week" (season "2024-spring")

Application deadline: April 2, 2024

Exhibition dates: April 9-14, 2024 (11.00-20.00)
Opening ceremony: April 9, 2024, 18:00
Announcement of the winners: April 14, 2024, 16:00.

Address: Congress and Exhibition Center "AMBER-PLAZA" (Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya st., 36)

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In addition to the widely represented professional community (Russian and foreign), the Week is considered as the most important event in the cultural life of the capital - held under the patronage of the Mayor of Moscow. A week will certainly become a significant informational occasion, the public interest in which is constantly growing. It will bring together visitors who are not indifferent to the world of beauty, many of whom are already collectors of objects of art, someone will decide to purchase for the first time. A visit to the Art Week may become a good tradition for many Muscovites and guests of the capital. The presence in one place of so many people who are passionate and interested in creativity will create a positive and emotional space for communication.

FORM OF PARTICIPATION There are three forms of participation:
  1. PERSONAL (you visit Moscow and bring artwork by yourself);
  2. ARTWORK (you ship artwork, we exhibit)
  3. ART PRINT (you send file, we print it and exhibit as a photocopy)
The authors present their works at one of the most popular exhibition venues in Moscow - at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center. The modern pavilion of more than 4000 square meters is located in the Sokolniki Park. Artists, collectors, curators, museum staff, art critics, consultants, designers, architects, historians, businessmen, diplomats, politicians, gallery owners, art dealers are invited to the exhibition.
In the Russian Art Week traditionally attended by over 1,000 authors from over 200 cities of Russia and foreign countries. Art week (ArtWeek), art exhibition and the international art-project, carried out in 22 countries. The full list is in section "Geography of art weeks".

PROGRAM OF THE RUSSIAN ART WEEK (season "2023-spring")

1) International Painting Competition:

Includes sections:

  1. Traditional Art Competition
  2. Modern Art Competition
  3. Contemporary Art Competition
  4. Abstract Painting Competition
  5. Watercolor Competition
  6. Dry Pastels Competition
2) International Graphic Competition

Includes sections:

  1. Classic (academic) Graphic Competition
  2. Experimental Graphic Competition
  3. Book Graphic Competition
3) International Sculpture Competition

Includes sections:

  1. Easel (classical) sculpture competition
  2. Monumental sculpture competition
  3. Modern (experimental) sculpture competition
  4. Reliefs and bas-reliefs sculpture competition
4) International competition of author's dolls and toys

Includes sections:

  1. Author's Dolls Competition
  2. Toys Competition
5) International Arts & Crafts Competition

Includes sections:

  1. Arts & Crafts Competition
  2. Decorative Painting Competition
6) International Art Textile Competition

Includes sections:

  1. Art Textile Competition
  2. Competition for non-woven textile materials
7) International Photography Competition

Includes sections:

  1. Art photography competition
  2. Reportage photography competition
  3. Travel photography competition
  4. Wedding photography competition
  5. Portrait photography competition

Each of these competitive programs is conducted as an independent project, in which the winners are determined, with its own jury.


The exhibition invites a wide audience of visitors with a genuine passion for art, from serious collectors to those who buy their first original work. Comfortable conditions for viewing art objects, their evaluation and conclusion of contracts with the authors are created for visitors. The uniqueness and exclusivity of the exhibition works will be a discovery for a wide audience of art lovers and connoisseurs.

Sections of the exhibition-fair:

1) Painting 2) Graphic 3) Sculpture 4) Graphic and communicative design 5) Video art and digital art 6) Textiles, arts & crafts 7) Equipment and materials for artists   Categories of participants of the exhibition-fair: a) individual authors and creative teams; b) organizations-galleries and studios; c) educational institutions and organizations; d) commercial firms-producers and distributors of goods for the needs of artists, sculptors, designers, decorators, restorers. 

III. International Forum of Curators
The event with the participation of leading institutional and independent curators, gallery owners, art managers will trigger the strengthening and development of cultural ties between Russian artists and cultural specialists with colleagues from other countries and regions. The events of the Forum of Curators for different audience: the Symposium is for professionals portfolio review with international curators, for artists, Open studios for everyone.

The mission of the Curatorial forum is to create a platform for discussions, networking and initiating new projects, including international ones. The forum will help to unite professionals and lovers of contemporary art, to make more visible and accessible artists ' workshops, independent art spaces and galleries. The project is aimed at supporting local initiatives in the field of contemporary art, expanding the audience and involving it in current cultural processes. 


The purpose of the conference is to identify and analyze cultural, artistic and aesthetic, organizational and practical problems of functioning of the sphere of contemporary art and the art market in the context of globalization and dialogue of cultures.


Section 1. "Innovations in art education". Section 2. "The vector of development and the main actual practice» Section 3. "Modern science of art and problems of humanitarian education". Section 4. "Contemporary art market: trends, creativity, institutions". 

Master classes are held in all sections of the Russian Art Week - painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and decorative arts. Russian Art Week International traditionally includes educational programs - workshops, lectures and creative meetings, where famous artists and craftmen share their experience and knowledge. Famous painters, sculptors, photographers from Russia, Europe and Asian countries perfom for participants and visitors of the RAW. Every November during the RAW becomes the most important destination for artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators from all over the world.
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